What to Consider When Buying New Flooring

New flooring can help increase the value of a home and even makes it easier to keep things clean. Even if a person has a home that was built recently, having new flooring installed can help prevent water damage and reduce the amount of time spent on mopping and sweeping. Some things to consider when choosing new flooring at can be found here.


Maintenance Requirements of the Flooring

It’s important to maintain and clean the flooring in a home on a regular basis. A homeowner needs to consider if they are going to be willing to seal and polish stone tiles every few years or refinish the natural hardwood at least once every 10 years. Also, tile needs to be cleaned regularly and the grout should be scrubbed after a few months of being used on a daily basis. However, tile does require much less attention than other flooring options, such as carpet. It’s important to consider the maintenance options of the flooring selected.


Color Options

There’s no reason to settle for the same flooring options when a floor can be a true work of art. Consider using vibrant patterns or unique colors and materials. Not only does this add visual interest to the home, but it can ad quite a bit of value to the project, without costing much more. There are quite a few rarer hardwood options, colorful carpets, and artistic tile patterns that can be purchased for the same price as their more traditional options.


Story Height

There are some types of flooring that won’t work well for higher stories in a building. In many situations, suspended floors flex as they age, resulting in forces that can cause damage to the brittle slabs of stone or tiles. Also, carpet and hardwood should not be used in a basement because these materials aren’t designed to be used below grade.


When it comes to choosing new flooring, there are more than a few options to pick from. Be sure to browse the selections at to see what works best for the space. Also, consider the factors here to ensure the right type of flooring is purchased for the building. 

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